Annies Art Studio

ARt EDUCATOR + Influencer

Social Media Manager, & comic con Marketing Specialist

Annie Morcos

As the Creative Director & Founder of Annie‚Äôs Art Studio, I have become a major influencer on YouTube as an art educator. Within a short few years, I have garnered an audience of over 40k subscribers, and growing, on YouTube and Instagram. 

I started studying art as an elective in my undergraduate degree. During that time Animation, 3D and painting took over my studies from there on out.

The Art of painting, pouring, and working with resin became my safe haven, a place where I could escape the world. I decided to share that part of my life with you and here I am today! A YouTuber, Instagram Artist, Social Media Manager. A person who learns from the arts everyday. 

I now LOVE to teach others my secrets of the arts of craft & help companies achieve their social media and marketing needs.

I hope you enjoy my journey & THANK YOU for all the support!