Annie Morcos
Who am I? Well, I wish I could paint this part instead of writing. 

I am an artist of all sorts & mediums. I didn't grow up an artist, which shows you that anyone can learn to paint and make beautiful art!

My start in the art world was in 3D and Visual Effects. Over the years I became a self taught painter and a children's book author & illustrator ( The Art of painting and pouring  became my safe haven, a place where I could escape the world. I decided to share that part of my life with YOU and here I am today! A YouTuber, and Instagram Artist, a person who learns from the arts everyday. 

I now LOVE to teach others my secrets of painting and pouring. How, why, what, and when! It's all in my Youtube Videos!

I hope you enjoy my journey & THANK YOU for all the support!

XOXO.- Annie