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ARt EDUCATOR + Influencer

Social Media Manager, & comic con Marketing Specialist

Annie Morcos - Animator

In the beginning of my film/art journey I spent three years as a Business major at California State University, Northridge, then graduating valedictorian from the animation program at The Los Angeles Film School.

My digital work includes: graphic design work for WizardWorld Comic Con, motion capture work with Disney, The Walking Dead, Nancy Cartwright of The Simpsons, and Batman Vs Superman for Warner Bros. Graphics & animation for Stephen Schwartz on his musical Magic to Do, and lead animator on projects for Motion Gate Dubai for their theme park rides. In addition, I have done work for NASA and several other VFX projects for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, and Comedy Central.

I specialize in 3D modeling, environmental design (both animated and practical), as well as lighting, texturing, and holograms. With years of consistent work, I have mastered Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator; not to mention countless miniatures and practical sets. I also create content, graphics for animation and photo editing for various websites and social media accounts.

                                                             Demo Reel

3d Environments, Graphics, ANimation & Practical Miniature Set

stephen schwartz  Musical  -  magic to do. Creator of Wicked

      Graphics artist and animator for digital backdrop

MOTIONGATE DUBAI  -  Shrek Theme Park Animatic

 LEad 3D Modeler/Animator/Texture Artist


   Graphics Artist & Animator   Minutes :30-1:10

                                          Mobile First Ent.

 VFX Supervisor, Graphics, & Animation Artist

                                    All Shot Against GreenScreen