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Social Media Manager, & comic con Marketing Specialist

Annie Morcos -Social Media Manager
Comic Con Marketing Specialist

Freelance Social Media manager with years of experience in social media management and creative direction, along with 10+ years of graphic design work

Companies marketing campaigns are  accompanied with my graphic designs creatives and integration of social media skills. Pushing marketing campaigns, scheduling social media content across all departments including programming, marketing, development, talent, show/floor planning, advertising, etc. for Comic Con's are my speciality.

For the past 2.5 years, each Wizard World department would receive customized graphics for over 15 shows a year, compared to the norm of 1-2 a year with other conventions. My creatives per show included but not limited to: digital banners, billboards, brochures, sponsorship decks, website, social media ads, magazine ads, talent announcements, floor maps for the shows, schedules, and customized creatives and guidelines for each talent’s social media account schedules.